2nd Amendment Ramifications




The 2nd Amendment is the most practical solution to fixing the US.  Unlike other rights, you don't need a majority to agree.  With something like a right to consume drugs, you need a majority to agree, Otherwise, the pro-drug minority will just be overpowered by the enforcers enforcing the will of the majority.

With the 2nd amendment, apart from it already being the law of the land and a natural right, it is the mechanism of enforcement.  You can as little as 10% of people demanding the right, and the law enforces representing the other 90% could not cleanly overpower that 10%.  No other right requires such a small minority to establish the right.  No other right is as obvious as self defense and self preservation.  So, you are either numbskulls or cowards if you do not take efforts to promote this right.  Being as charitable as I am, I will assume you are not both, and that you are only numbskulls.  And, as such, you fail to promote the right because you do not see the ramifications.  So, I will show you some of the ramifications.

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