High IQ Required


## High IQ Required
People's IQ limits their capacity to understand concepts.  This is reflected in someone's ability to do graph transformations.  If you take some graph [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Flower_snarkv.svg], the number of nodes in the graph, and the types of transformations done on those nodes will require varying levels of IQ under various time constraints.  Like graph transformations, societal and economic concepts have varying numbers of nodes and varying types of transformations.  But, unlike graph transformations, societal problems don't usually have definitive answers.  And, because societal problems don't have definitive answers, and because it is in the interests of globalists to keep people ignorant of societal concepts, people have no basis for excluding themselves from the discussion based on their IQ.  Further, since people are already terrible at judging whether their IQ limits their capacity to engage in a topic, everyone and their mom engages in societal and political discussion.

You can spend all the time in the world trying to explain calculus to an ant, and it will never understand calculus.  Many of the concepts about society, government, and economics are more complex than calculus.  There seems to be an IQ requirement to understand how competition is a benefit in the free market, and how a lack of competition causes exploitation in socialism - and no amount of endlessly discussing this will improve the IQ of people who do not understand the dynamic.  Further, there seems to be an IQ requirement to understand how monopolization occurs in free markets, and that this requires regulation of free markets to prevent this monopolization.  Unfortunately, both of these concepts are absolutely required for constructing society and they also exclude a majority of people from contributing towards the discussion.

The nature of humanity is the ability to cooperate.  Not everyone needs to know how to build a car motor.  But, there must be systems in place that support those who do know how to build car motors so that they are built.   In the same way, a very small percentage of people have the mental capacity to understand the concepts necessary for constructing society and government.

The free market allows people who do not know how to build motors to benefit from people who do know how to build motors by buying those motors in the form of cars.  The comparable free market when it comes to society and government and citizens was in the form of something called the "Right To Self Determination", as presented in the book "The Law Of Nations".  But, with globalism, this no longer practically exists.  There is, however, something else that can allow beneficent high IQ leadership to direct society, and that is religion.

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