Futility Of Convincing The Public


In the 70's, owing to the garrison tapes and other efforts, some 88% of the public didn't believe the Warren Report.  In the 2000's, a large chunk of the public were convinced after 911 that there was some hidden conspiracy being covered up by the government.  More recently, the Epstein absurdities have brought many to realize how corrupted the system is.  But, in all these cases, the position of the public has not mattered.  Without intelligent avenues for action, the will of the public does not matter. If we look at when the people in power seek to change the minds of the majority of the public, it is when there are already planned avenues of action.  With 911, it was the patriot act and war in the middle east.  With the Golf Of Tonkin Incident, it was the Vietnam war.

The lack of avenue of action is why most so called truth media and bloggers are useless.  There is some unfounded hope that if the truth is put out there, there will arise some leaders and some people with good ideas that can both determine avenues of action and get people to follow those avenues of action.  The reality is, virtually all the people with a high enough IQ to come up with avenues of action are already very occupied working within the system for self benefit.
Don't make the mistake of wasting your time going out of your way to convince others of the truth of something if there is no avenue of action for them once they know the truth.

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