Don’t Engage On Stupid Topics


There are an infinite number of stupid topics.  It is in the interests of globalists to keep people busy engaged in stupid topics instead of topics that matter.  Globalists will fund organizations and individuals to force discussion of stupid topics.  "Should children be subjected to drag queen hour?"  "Do black lives matter?"  "Is the AR 15 needed for hunting?"  Or, "what are your projections for myriad of sporting events?".

Don't waste your time with stupid topics.  There are three cases where people are coming to you with stupid topics:
1.  they have a limited IQ and are therefore restricted to stupid topics
2.  they have been indoctrinated and are therefore going to waste your time with stupid topics.  It is probably pointless to try to counter their indoctrination unless they are still very young and open to correction
3.  they are intending to waste your time with stupid topics - like most politicians

With almost all of these cases, it is pointless to engage in stupid topics, so don't.

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