Corporations As A Government Extension


To analyze the place of corporations in society, we must understand economics and the nature of parasitism.  From the book "The Law Of Nations":

But a law so just in its origin frequently degenerates into great abuses. There are countries where no care is taken of the highways, and where nevertheless considerable tolls are exacted. A lord of a manor, who happens to possess a strip of land terminating on a river, there establishes a toll, though he is not at a farthing's expense in keeping up the navigation of the river, and rendering it convenient. This is a manifest extortion, and an infringement of the natural rights of mankind. For the division of lands, and their becoming private property, could never deprive any man of the right of passage, when not the least injury is done to the person through whose territory he passes. Every man inherits this right from nature, and cannot justly be forced to purchase it.

In this, we have both the notion that the government can be exploitative in its authority, but also that an individual, given the right situation, can be exploitative, and that even in the case of the individual, it is the duty of society to prevent an individual from exploiting others as an infringements on the natural rights of mankind.

This capacity to be exploitative increases as the power available to an entity increases.  Government, being an accumulated power of the body politic, can have extraordinary power and therefore has extraordinary opportunities to be exploitative.  To address this potential for exploitation, the US Founders made the US Constitution.  When the potential for exploitation goes up, that potential must be matched with careful thought and regulation.

Corporations are a way of legally combining people and treating them as a single entity.  Just as government is a way of treating the entire body politic as a single entity in the US, corporations are a way of treating a subset of that body politic as a single entity.  And, just like government, corporations, must have greater limitations to prevent misuse of that power into exploitation.  This has been recognized in US history with the Sherman Antitrust Laws Act in 1890.

Today, instead of rivers, the internet is used as a highway  for trade and information.  The lords of the day, exploiting their positions, are in the form of google and facebook.  It has become nearly impossible to go around outlets like google and facebook.  Denial of service attacks, perhaps even funded by corporations and government, prevent you from making your own platforms.  Payment processors denying processing services prevents you from funding your own platforms.

Whereas it is the legitimate role of government to prevent this sort of exploitation, the US government does the opposite.  The US Government uses corporations to expand its own power.  Where DARPA had lifelog, a service intended to collect the life and social history of people, facebook now serves that purpose for the US Government.

With the unlimited funds the government has in its capacity to print money and with no oversight to those funds spent in a black budget, what prevents the US Government from indirectly forming corporations to expand the governments powers into areas it has no legitimate business in.  The unrestricted power to spend provides government with the fuel and corporations provide government with the vehicle for expansion into tyranny.



From Black's Law First Addition

"A franchise possessed by one or more individuals, who subsist as a body politic, under a special denomination"

To translate, a franchise [blacks_law_franchise.png] is a special privilege conferred by the government.  And, what right can the government give that the government does not have itself?


In the 20th century, company mining towns were forced to give rights to their miners.  This is the same concept, wherein some entity holds a disproportionate amount of power, and in order to maintain the ideals of the US Constitution, that entity must submit.

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