News Review – Iran Assassination


Being a stooge for the military industrial complex, Trump is bound to allow the US to go to war with Iran, despite how much this might hurt the US economy.  The military industrial complex, and interests in the middle east, including Israel and Saudi Arabia, direct the US's actions in the middle east.  These interests are not the same as the interests of the standard US Citizen.
The US Military benefits from war, even if it is at the expense of the US economy.  Bankers benefit from war, since they collect interest on the debts of war.  And, Saudia Arabia and Israel benefit from actions in the middle east that suppress the power of competing countries.
The Obama administration attempted to be covert in actions in the middle east.  It used assets of the CIA, including terrorist groups, to topple Libya and Egypt.  However, they failed at toppling Syria, and this has led to a push by globalists for more direct intervention.  Initially, the military industrial complex, aka the MIC, tried to get Trump to go to war with Syria.  But, as time has gone on, the support of Russia and Iran in Syria against the globalists funded terrorists has led the MIC to want to go to war directly with Iran.
Trump has been against going to war with Syria, probably because he knew the debacle would have major consequences for the US economy and mar his presidency.  But, with the impeachment and the failures of Trump to come through with what he promised his voter base on immigration, corruption, and health care, he is more susceptible to caving to the demands of his primary backer - the military industrial complex.
Given Mike Pence is attempting to blame Iran for the 911 attacks, it seems like the military industrial complex has not updated their propaganda playbook, and it will be interesting to see how they try to sell a war with Iran in the present, much more skeptical environment.
The assassination of Iran's top general by the US may have made escalating conflict inevitable.

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