A Message From Grithin 2


One of the reasons I started the Society Of Order is because, to improve government, you must have a model for the improvement.

You can't riot your way into a computer processing unit.  Improving the complex system which is government and society requires intelligent planning.  

There is no spontaneous better government.  The US came about after hundreds of years of discourse about society and the social contract.  It was only in the environment in which this discourse was available that the people who wrote the US Constitution and Bill of Rights had the models to make those documents.  Before a better government can form, the models for such must be formulated.  In the absence of that, you will, at best, get the cycling revolutions of latin america that jump from one corrupt government to another.

I'm interested in working towards solutions.  Presently, I don't think there is anyone alive that can contribute to models of government and has the free time and will to so.  I haven't met a single person that has read the foundational book The Law Of Nations.  And, of the many people I've met that have read Adam Smith's The Wealth Of Nations, I found only one that understood the principles from that book.  Both of these books are prerequisites to designing better society and government.

Although I don't expect to find anyone that can help construct models of better government, there are still ways that you lesser beings can contribute.

Back around 2008 I put up a domain called conspiki.com and attempted to get people from the Alex Jones forum to contribute to that conspiracy wiki.  I find quite a lot of time is wasted rehashing information about conspiracies, both in introducing novices and in connecting the network of related facts.  At the time, I figured a wiki would serve as a great tool for removing this wasted time and providing an easy reference for novices and others.   But, just as I have always found, people in the freedom movement were impotent and allergic to effective solutions; and, consequently, I got no volunteers.  Although I imagine this is still the case, if you would like to contribute to a conspiracy wiki for the benefit of all, do email me at the email I provide on the society of order website.

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