Survival Of The Fittest: Tragedy Is Necessary


## Survival Of The Fittest: Tragedy Is Necessary
it is not by idol grazing the gazelles learned to run so fast and jump so far.  It is the pressure of the environment that determines the direction of evolution.  When societies no longer feel the pressure to reward excellence and to throw away way trash, then excellence occurs less, trash occurs more, and the society falls into decadence.

Failure must be allowed, not supported.  Imagine a hand that has succumbed to gangrene.  Do you keep it?  Do you continue to carry its weight while risking further infection?  As a company, would you continue to fund a research and development branch that never produced anything and just consumed capital?  In the same way, if we do not prune out citizenry, the cells of the country, we are susceptible to a cancerous death.  And, the most humane way to apply quality assurance to the citizenry is to let people fail on their own lack of merit.  

Lets consider someone who drank their way to a failing liver.  Should we seize the annual income of some productive person to replace this drunkards liver?  And, if we do so repeatedly, before how long will it be that productive people stop being as productive owing to anticipating losing their income to fund replacement livers?

Without allowing the pain of failure to improve people, and without allowing death from failure to improve the citizenry, the wards of the state demanding welfare will be used by the state as justification for more taxes and more state power.
Although the medical cartels we have currently are no where near optimal, providing government with another avenue to justify expansion, and allowing government to decide who lives and dies and who gets what care is not a good idea for maintaining what once made America great.

We must let stupid people die.  Should we ban deep fried food because it is unhealthy?  No, we should only provide guidelines that allow smart people to stay healthy and stupid people to suffer.  But, we have a perverse system.  We have a corrupted government that intertwines commercial interests with the duties of government, where food guidelines are made on the basis of profit, not of citizen health.  

There is a useful notion that many smart people have held: you prevent government corruption by making it unprofitable.  It is only because government has the power to mandate medical treatment that there are so many powerful interests interested in having government mandate treatment for profit.  If you want to fight government corruption, get rid of unnecessary government powers, and don't let deserved tragedy be the excuse for more government power.

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