Malignancy Of Charity


## Malignancy Of Charity
In the US, some absurd amount of charity funds go towards administration of the charities.  And, that's just in the good charities, not the charities that are just fronts for bribes and for moving money around like the Clinton Foundation.  But, there is something wrong with charity at the core.

Let's consider a case of charity.  A woman donates to a charity; that charity donates medical services to some druggy; that druggy lives another day.  Unbeknownst to the woman, that druggy goes on to sell drugs to the woman's son;  The woman's son, becoming addicted to drugs, find himself in a situation where he shot; that woman then advocates for stricter gun laws while also still promoting charity to druggies that led to her son being shot.

What went wrong here?

There is a notion of survival of the fittest.  Abstracted from this is the notion that better systems live and worse systems die off.  In our corrupted society, not only do we have to worry about the failure of societal systems to evolve, but we will encounter increasing amounts of devolving systems that demand charity.  And, by providing this charity, we are helping to destroy our society.  

Globalists use the primitive goodwill of people to draw them into destructive activities.  Doesn't it sound good that everyone should vote?  Until you realize that when all the low information voters dilute the voting power of those informed voters, and that the campaigns to get more people to vote are actually just campaigns to get more ignorant people to vote who can be easily swayed with media.

When you send food to Africa, you suppress the economic viability of local farmers in Africa.  When you ease up on laws and enforcement of laws on homelessness, you get more pernicious homelessness.

Charity has its place, but it is dangerous to be indiscriminately charitable.

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