Forgiveness By Redemption


## Forgiveness By Redemption
There is a notion in Christianity of forgiving someone for their sins.  This, however, is founded upon the person being born again.  But, just like the US Government, Christianity is a mockery of what it once stood for.  

Why is there this forgiveness concept in the first place?  The allowance for being forgiven for one's sins comes from the concept that we should not allow someones past to dictate the productivity of their future.  It is the same reason for the jubilee.  The debts accumulated over time can make someone unproductive, who would otherwise be productive.  A jubilee, or a forgiveness of the debts, allows that person to go on being a productive person, whereas, otherwise, they would be tied down by their debts.

But, it should not be in anticipation of forgiveness that sins are committed or debt is accrued. It is a perversion of forgiveness that forgiveness is granted in such cases.  And, this sort of anticipation of forgiveness is what mainstream Christians promote.  They go sinning, expecting forgiveness, acting as though their sins are arbitrary categories of actions to be stamped off on by some administrative god.  They don't recognize that the sins reflect the nature of the person, and the intent of forgiveness in Christianity is to allow a person to carry on being productive after their nature has changed.

Putting Christianity aside, lets consider the merit of charity.  Charity is not to help those who are suffering for inherent reasons.  We don't donate to druggies so they can go buy more drugs.  Charity is to help alleviate incidental misfortune and return someone to a normal productive state.  It relies on the notion that, outside of our own power, we succumb to misfortune that any ordinary person might succumb to, and that, society is better if we help each other up from these misfortunes.  And, rarely, someones nature, an inherent trait, can change, and forgiveness and charity may be useful in helping these people become productive.

However, charity, as with forgiveness of sin, has become malignant.  People are forgiven for their sins by simply asking for forgiveness - not having changed at all.  It is a misappropriation of the concept of forgiveness by the Christian god.  Instead of changing ones nature and being forgiven by god, arbitrary members of the church hand out forgiveness like candy.

Do not hand out forgiveness and do not hand out charity.  If you do not have the capacity to determine whether the charity or forgiveness is appropriate, avoid both and instead demand reciprocation.  Forgive only people that have redeemed or will redeem themselves.

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