Blame Game


## Blame Game
By the nature of order in the universe, you can generally explain a present situation by a past situation.  A murderer had bad parents. Those bad parents had bad parents.  Those grandparents were victims of war.  And so on.
The point of the blame game, where one redirects blame to some other entity, is to avoid responsibility.  

Blame, in a sense, is a debt.  Those who play the blame game attempt to move their debt to someone else.

In the situation of the murderer, the murderer can blame his parents, or his grandparents.  The utility of blame as a debt is in getting the person blamed to change or repay.  If a murderer just redirects the blame to his parents, he his removing the impetus to change and removing his own agency for his actions.  

Since the point of blame is to effect change, it should be used with the effect in mind.

Blaming the Boomer generation for many of the societal issues of today is an appropriate use of blame.  What are the effects of blaming the Boomers?

1. it provides a model to avoid for the youth.  Boomers are an example of what you don't want to be.
2. it provides a grounds to reject the continued infringement of the boomers on the youth.  The Boomers allowed government to spend extravagantly on their generation, all the while creating retirement IOUs that the youth would have to pay for.  Blaming the boomers allows younger generations to recognize that these debts of their parents are unmerited, and to act accordingly.
3. it provides an opportunity for boomers to admit their mistakes and repent for them.  Amusingly, the nature of boomers makes them quite incapable of this third item.  [hashtag] #NotAllBoomers

Of course, personal relations must be judged individually,  I'm sure somewhere in the world there's a Boomer not squandering his generational wealth on personal pleasures.

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