State Destruction Of Family


## State Destruction Of Family
The state has managed to create two social programs that decimate the family.  Public schooling removes much of the bond made between children and their parents normally arrived at as the parent raises the child.  And social security removes  incentives the parents would have to maintain a good relationship which their children.

If you spend less time with your children, you will be invested less in them.  Not only will you be less invested in your children, but the nature of having to conform in public school means your children will value the authority of the school in contention with your own authority.   In a sense, the state becomes the child's parent, teaching the child to love big government and statism while diminishing the family bonds.

If you don't have an investment in something, you are less likely to care about that thing.  In the past, as you got older, you were reliant on family and your children to support you as your energy declined and your health failed.  Now, with social security, that reliance is diminished.  As such, parents are doubly disincentivized to care for their children.  They are disincentivized by a decreasing amount of time spent raising their children, and they are disincentivized because parents no longer rely on their children to support them when they get old.  

Social security has an even more perverse effect than just removing an incentive to be a good parent.  Those retiring are disposed to want better retirement packages, and are inclined to vote to steal from the youth to provide better retirement benefits for themselves.  So, not only does social security remove the incentive for maintaining family, in incentivizes the old to parasitize the youth.

And, this is the nature of many government programs.  There is some good willed facade used to sell the public on the program.  In the case of social security, it is ensuring the elderly are adequately taken care of.  But, beneath the facade, there is a malignancy either intentionally or unintentionally bringing about the destruction of society through parasitism.  

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