Military Is Anti-American


## Military Is Anti-American
Contrary to the mainstream view, the military is one of the most anti american things about present day america.  Whereas the US founders considered a standing army to be repugnant to the freedoms of the citizens, in the present day farce that is america, we have the most powerful standing army in the world, we have citizens begging to be disarmed, and we have entangling alliances all over the world. The principles on which america was founded could not be more reversed.

US troops now wage wars not to defend the American citizen, but to defend the cartels involved in warfare.  Not only are US troops not fighting for the US citizen, the troops are creating terrorism in the form of blowback.  As the US troops bomb and wage war against countries, the citizens of those countries turn to terrorism.  And, this blowback leads to the rationalization that we, as citizens, must give up our liberties to fight this terrorism that our troops are causing.

The troops are not fighting for our freedom.  That notion is propaganda, used to hide the illegitimacy of our current military industrial complex.  To get to the core of the matter, we must remove the stigma of questioning the honor of troops.  Should a soldier who participated in a war of aggression for the profit of arms manufacturers be honored or shamed?

If we look at the Iraq war, a war widely considered to be unjust, started using the lie of weapons of mass destruction, it's estimated there were hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilian deaths.  Should any of the veterans of that war be honored?  Even if we were to accept the idea that men go into the military for humanitarian reasons, and not for the pension, the pay, or the pride, can we excuse the level of ignorance required to fight these unjust wars?

If we want to combat the astronomical military expenditures, the endless foreign entanglements, and the mass murdering, we must recognize that present day military service is something to be shameful of.  We are a giant country that is bordered on two sides by allies.  We have resource security.  We do not need such a large military, even in an effort to maintain the dollar as the reserve currency of the world. Besides, what is the use of preserving America if we just end up with a tyrannical statist system like China?

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