How America Failed, Part 1


## How America Failed, Part One

Boomers have allowed the America society to degrade quite a lot.

-   Boomers allowed immigration of people who don't even understand the plain language of the 2nd amendment, and have no cultural history of the rights presented in the bill of rights.  These new immigrants are slave citizens, from cultures of slave hierarchical societies, and will vote for socialism.
-   Boomers massively increased the intelligence organizations in America.  They've allowed news to be completely taken over by these organizations, such that news is now totally co-opted by factions in government and globalists.
-   Boomers allowed the military industrial complex to grow extravagantly
-   Boomers surrendered US sovereignty to international organizations such as the UN and NATO
-   Boomers introduced both the degeneracy of drugs and pornography, and at the same time, gave government the unconstitutional power of making drugs illegal, resulting in huge amounts of drug related incarceration
-   Boomers indebted cities for their pensions, stealing from the youth
-   Boomers ruined health care
-   Boomers, while outsourcing factories to China, gave China intellectual property and industrial expertise, destroying US middle and lower class.

But, Boomers were a result of previous failures.  Although Boomers are a product of World War II, the failure comes even before that.  Wherever power lies, there will be cartelish interests attempting to control that power.  America is no different.  The standard method for controlling the power of a country is controlling that country's finances.  There are two primary methods for controlling a countries finances.

The first is to control the central bank of the country, or otherwise control the currency of the country.  In the beginning of America, England's attempt to place the colonies under the monetary control of the Bank of England was seen by many as the “last straw” of oppression which led directly to the American Revolutionary War.  Even after the US formed, British interests held two thirds of the bank stocks of the First Bank of the United States.  And, when the US did not renew that charter for the First Bank of the United States, Brittin again went to war with America in the War of 1812.

This presents the 2nd method of controlling the finances of a country: Indebtedness.  In 1812, the British, committed multiple acts of war against the united states.

-   Britain began stopping American sea vessels and forcing subjects on the vessels into the British military. This practice was called “impressment.”
-   Britain issued a series of trade restrictions designed to disrupt American trade with France.
-   Britain provided arms and support to Native Americans in the western frontiers who were attacking American settlers.

The war of 1812 led to the creation of a US national debt.  The national debt forced the US to create another central bank, this one called the Second Bank of the United States.

Although the British had learned not to be so apparent in their control of the bank, Andrew Jackson, perhaps the last great president, was not fooled. 

But, to get into that, you'll need to watch part two

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