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Hello, I'm Grithin.  I started the Society Of Order for a number of reasons that I'll perhaps get into in another video. There are two things I wanted to stress in this video.

1. It is essential that you share these videos.  Youtube has a way of making the audience passive, impotent observers.  The Internet is flooded with outrage porn and infotainment from alternative media.  We will solve nothing by being passive observers of infotainment.  I am attempting to convey some of my understanding about the concepts necessary for constructing society and government.  I found these concepts utterly absent from alternative media.  And, it is necessary to that these concepts are well understood if there is to be any societal improvement from a grassroots level.  
However, philosophy is not as eye catching as infotainment.  So, it becomes necessary that, in order for these concepts to spread, you must actively spread them.

2. Secondly, the best way to bring back individual liberty in the US is through re-asserting the 2nd amendment.  Nothing is as simple to understand and as easy to implement as the 2nd amendment.  Nothing has as large a cultural impact as the 2nd amendment.  And, the 2nd amendment is already the supreme law of the land, regardless of what inferior laws state.  Re-asserting the 2nd amendment does not require new laws or new philosophy, it only takes enforcing the Bill Of Rights.

If we can't get Americans to re-assert their right in the 2nd amendment, there is no hope for any of the other harder and more complex strategies.  If we can't get Americans to re-assert their right, we might as well just consider Americans as NPCs in a vast simcity game, to be controlled programmatically like pawns.

To promote the the 2nd amendment, it is necessary to elect Sheriffs who will uphold the 2nd Amendment.  And, to do this, the public in the county of the Sheriff must adequately support the 2nd Amendment.  I estimate the most practical way to do this is find cities in low population counties which already lean towards supporting the 2nd Amendment, and to conduct 2nd amendment flier campaigns in those cities.  For various reasons, I'm inclined to think Louisiana would be a good starting state.  If you'd like to help in that effort, see the contact link in the video description.

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