The Matrix: Cogs In A Machine



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The Matrix: Cogs In A Machine

Another important concept presented in the Matrix is the concept that, even without having a knowing complicity, people support and defend parasitic systems.  In the matrix, this is presented by showing that any non-awakened human connected to the matrix can be taken over by an agent and transform into an agent.  This is analogous to the way in which normal people will fight to maintain parasitic systems.

There is a saying that goes approximately, “don’t expect someone to understand something that his wage depends on him not understanding”. You can explain to a government worker that the government is too large, and ,although your argument may be sound, because the worker is part of that system, the worker will likely defend the size of the government. And, if you make the case that the government worker’s job is a waste of resources, that government worker will tend to ignore your arguments, evade responsibility, excuse the current state of things, and, finally, oppose you personally.  People, like monopolies, do not want to give up favorable positions and will fight to maintain those positions. As a consequence, in any parasitic system where people hold favorable positions or seemingly favorable positions, those people will fight to maintain that system.

This tendency to fight to maintain parasitic systems is even seen in non parasitic systems. Lets consider some manager at a computer manufacturing company. If some other company comes along with a computer that is better in every way, that manager will still fight for the outdated company he is with. Most likely, even the lower level employees will fight for the outdated company they are with. The key to the free market is that competition will force non optimal systems and organizations to die or evolve.

People are cogs in parasitic systems even in more indirect manners. Just by being part of parasitic systems people are supporting them.  The Iraq war, just as with many wars, started with lies and propaganda.  Many now consider that war, like many wars, to be unjust.  By being a taxpayer or otherwise supporting the American society, the citizens supported the ability of the US military to wage unjust wars.  Without the economic power of the US, the US military would not have the power to conduct significant unjust wars.

How responsible is a citizen for indirectly supporting an unjust war?

Lets consider the case of some murderer on the loose.  Each of the cells in that murder’s body is contributing to the ability of that murderer to continue murdering.  Can we fault the cells individually?
In an army built on conscription compelled by threat of death, can we blame a soldier for fighting an unjust war?

A standard for judging a person’s culpability is through their conscious decisions or their negligence.  It might be argued that volunteers in a military fighting an unjust war are culpable through negligence, but that argument is not the aim of this video.

The aim of this video is to present a few things. One, just like with the Matrix, there exists a majority of people who are not awakened to the same things you are, and that these people, in one way or another, for one reason of another, will oppose your efforts to improve things.  Two, just like with matrix, it is mostly pointless to try to fight normal people in an effort to change the system. And three, in order to change the system, you must either do things that change people’s default behavior of fighting for the system or you must direct your efforts towards the foundations of the system.

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