The Matrix: Break Rules


## The Matrix: Break Rules
An undervalued concept from the Matrix is that, in order to beat the system, you can not play by the system's rules.  This has a very real application.  As explained in previous videos, cartels and monopolies act to enrich themselves.   In doing so, they formulate systems with rules to ensure their power is never threatened.  If you want to beat a cartel in a system the cartel has created, you can't do so by following the rules of that system.  This concept is presented in the Matrix.  All awakened humans, except Neo, the protagonist, failed to beat agents of the Matrix.  In the movie, it is presented that these awakened humans bend the rules of the matrix much like the agents of the matrix bend the rules.  But, just like in real life, the agents of the matrix, or the agents of the cartel, are much better at bending the rules of the system than any person who is not an agent of the system; consequently, you can't win a fight with an agent by simply bending the rules.  You must, like Neo in the movie, break the rules in order to beat an agent.  
In markets controlled by cartels, you must break the rules of the market to beat the cartel.  In societies controlled by tyrannical governments, you must break the rules of the society in order to beat the tyrannical government - as seen with revolutions.  
This concept of breaking out of controlled systems can scale all the way down to something as minor as corrupted public school politics.

Luckily, in the US, there is the US Constitution that remains the supreme law of the land.  State and federal governments, fearing a backlash from outright revoking the constitution, have instead decided just to ignore it, creating unconstitutional agencies and laws.  But, so long as the constitution remains, these agencies and laws are unconstitutional and are therefore not justified.  And, although you are justified in fighting against these unconstitutional agencies and laws, the situation is much like the situation with a robber.  Although the robber's actions are unjustified, it is through threat of violence that the robber gets away with robbing.  And, just like with the robber, you must judge the ramifications of fighting injustice on a case by case basis.

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