Short Term Thinking And Society


Globalists will attempt to rile up groups to demand short term solutions that have long term consequences that are beneficial to globalist.  When there is a mass shooting, have some group demand more gun restrictions, and, eventually, government enforcers will be the only ones with guns, making the people powerless to defend against government tyranny.

It's a simple methodology.  Force public outcry, either from a staged event or a real event, then take that outcry as justification for more government power.  The Patriot act,  for instance.  It is a very old methodology, some times presented as "problem, reaction, solution", but also presented as "order out of chaos".

A free society can not be maintained by divided groups of short sighted people.  And, globalists know this; so, they attempt to encourage more divided groups of short sighted people.  They do this in many ways, such as promoting consumerism and demoting religion and family.  If you don't want to end up in a slave society, than you should work towards creating and contributing towards inclusive unifying groups.

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