Proxy War And Divide And Conquer


Apart from simply dividing your adversaries to make them individually more vulnerable, globalists will divide citizens into smaller groups, and then use those groups to cause pointless fighting among the citizenry.  Sexual deviants are used against sexual normies.  Women are used to fight against men.  Blacks are used to fight against whites.  Atheists are used to fight against Christians.  In general, minorities are used to fight against majorities.   And, this fighting weakens the ability of the citizenry to fight against actual threats of tyrannical government.

Unfortunately, without an inclusive and unifying system such as religion, these divided groups will continue to fight for their divided interests.  A black person, for instance, will fight to get reparations, even if it has a detrimental effect on society because it will potentially have a beneficial effect for himself and his group.  Women will fight for female specific welfare even though it may have a detrimental effect on the society.  In general, as people are pushed into and then identify with groups, they will fight for those groups to the detriment of the society and to the benefit of the globalists of seek to weaken the citizenry.

A solution would be an inclusive religion, that accepts the various groups, provides standards for getting on in life, but also mandates none of this subgroup infighting.   Unfortunately, as seen by the present failures, no current religions are adequate.

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