Government Consumer Protection


There are  merits of government consumer protection
1.  protection from known harms.  For instance, known carcinogens not to be added to food
2.  protection from fraud.  For instance, claiming a product can be used for something when it can't.
3.  adequate disclosure, so the consumer can make an informed choice.  For instance, listing ingredients so a consumer can identify things he might not want.

However, globalists and people in government want more control - just as monopolies always do.  They have gained more control by unconstitutionally outlawing various drugs.  And, they tried to go even further, with something called codex alimentarius, which would have outlawed all supplements except those explicitly allowed.

It is the nature of the union of the government monopoly with corporate monopolies that government will outlaw and control substances, while allowing corporations like Monsanto to experiment on consumers while being free from prosecution.  The more power is consolidated in government and a few corporations, the more they will get away with treating citizens like guinea pigs and live stock.

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