Problem With Global Government


As I've addressed in previous videos, the primary checks on exploitative power is competition and rules.  Global government is the removal of competition between governments.  And, consequently, unless you have designed a perfectly regulated system for managing government,  you will create a system of exploitation that will eventually fail.  The problem with global government is not that uniform standards are bad, it is that, in the absence of competition, we can expect global government to become the most exploitative system conceivable, with an elite class acting lawlessly in their exploitation of a lower class.  But, it is not this particular exploitation that is problematic.  As we see with civilizations, when they become exploitative, progress begins to cease and the civilization enters a state of decay.  In all of the previous cases of civilizations failing, the failing civilization could be replaced by outside civilizations that were progressing.  But, when a global government fails, it could be the ruin of humankind, or, at least, the perpetual stagnation of progress.

We can look at how a global government may fail by looking at government programs.  Unlike corporations competing in the market, government programs, do not have normal avenues for failure.  They are not bound by competition.  Whereas, in a market, competition and limited resources instigate failure of inefficient companies and projects, a government program has ongoing resources untied to performance and without competition.  It then becomes a matter of relying on the enactors of the government program to discontinue it.  But, the people who enacted the government program tend to benefit from it, regardless of how wasteful the program becomes.  Consequently, relying on government to remove government programs is foolish.  And, similarly, a global government will become likewise inefficient with no avenues for replacement or improvement.

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