Trump: Control Through Threat – Impeachment




Because the script is highly speculative, I've included in it that it is from me "grithin".

Regarding Trump's impeachment, it is important to know who controls Trump.  My friend Grithin, has had a model since 2015 of who controls Trump.  And, his model has not changed and has remained accurate.  So, I will share his speculative model.

With politicians, the way the hidden power holders  control politicians is through bribery and blackmail.  You can expect that any long standing politician has quite a lot of bribery and blackmail going on.  With Trump, since he was not a politician, and he is separately rich, the matter becomes how can he be controlled?  And, for the first part of his administration, he was controlled by the Russia probe.  Not only does the threat of the Russia probe ensure Trump would not do anything too controversial with regards to policy, like building a wall on the Mexican border,  it also throws doubt on his administration, making it so people inside and outside of government are less likely to follow his leadership.  

But, who is controlling Trump?  Unfortunately, there is no wikipedia article providing an answer to this; so, we must speculate.  First, there is the US military industrial complex.  This is the primary controller of Trump, and you can see this in both the amount of funding increases that have gone to the military and the likelihood that Mike Pence is the military's back up in case Trump goes off the rails.
Second, there is the Israeli military industrial complex.  You can see this by all the favors Trump has given to Israel and its military.  Both the US and Israeli military industrial complexes are very intertwined, and the Trump candidacy appears to have been a cooperated plan between them.
On the neutral side, you have bankers, or, more generally, the controlling financial powers.  These people don't care about republicans or democrats since both republicans and democrats will enact laws and policies that support the controlling financial powers.
Opposing Trump are globalists.  These people want to weaken all countries so none can fight against a global government.  The methods of doing this are generally democrat policies that involve removing individual rights and making people dependent on welfare and state parenting.

Of course, there are other groups to consider, and it is much more complicated than this, but, with these concepts, you can get an idea of how things are playing out.

Trump has had his own ideas regarding politics for decades.  His primary concern regarding the US is trade inequity.  Trump probably adopted the anti immigration stance since that stance was popular among those who would elect him.  However, the US military industrial complex does not care about immigration, and the Israeli military industrial complex wants US mass immigration to continue.  Consequently, to ensure Trump did not go through with his anti immigration campaign stance, the puppeteers needed insurance.  Since Trump is and has been very good for the military, it wouldn't make sense to simply have the threat of assassination as insurance, since the presidency would go to Pence, and Pence would likely be less effective at promoting the military.  So, instead, the Russia probe was started and allowed to continue.

Just prior to the the Russia probe stopping, there was a very important bill that Trump signed - House Joint Resolution 31, also known as the omnibus bill.  This bill makes it impractical to stop illegal immigration for many reasons.  See the link in the video description [].  I estimate this was the deal Trump made to get rid of the Russia probe.  

However, since the close of the Russia probe, Trump has started negotiating with countries to curve the number of immigrants into the US who are claiming asylum.  I estimate Trump has done this partly because he wants to get re-elected, and his voter base wants to see anti-immigration actions.  However, the globalists and the Israeli military industrial complex, again,  do not want anti immigration actions.  And so, impeachment, as another form of insurance constraining the actions of Trump is being used.

The threat of impeachment, regardless of whether Trump gets impeached, will prevent Trump from doing anything too drastic with regards to immigration.  And, without doing anything drastic with regards to immigration, Trump's voter base will probably not be sufficiently enthusiastic to show up in high enough numbers to allow Trump to win re-election.

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