The “Good Person” Facade


People exist on a spectrum.  One one side, a willingness to forego self benefit for others.  On the other side, entirely unwilling to forego self benefit.
On the one end, you have saints, who, for the most part, dedicate their lives to the self benefit of others.  I've never seen one,.
On the other end, you have psychopaths that would kill someone if it meant some small personal gain.

For the most part, people are largely in the middle.

There are also disruptive people, who, for whatever reason, have destructive predilections. Ted Bundy, who liked murdering women, for instance, or, in general, pedophiles who disrupt the normal sexual social system.

We must abandon the idea that any large class of people are "good people".  I hear that Doctors are good people.  And, this notion that they are good people is used to shield them from the fact they are part of an exploitative medical monopoly that is bankrupting America.

With regard to the spectrum of willingness to forego self benefit, you can tell someone is on the charitable side of this spectrum if they are charitable without being paid to be so.  Doctors are paid very handsomely for being in their profession.

Going all the way back to 1966, Carroll Quigley wrote in his book "Tragedy and Hope" About doctors:

Many of these eager workers headed for medicine, because to them medicine, despite
the ten years of necessary preparation, meant up to $40,000 a year income by age fifty.
As a consequence, the medical profession in the United States ceased, very largely, to be
a profession of fatherly confessors and un-professing humanitarians and became one of
the largest groups of hardheaded petty-bourgeois hustlers in the United States, and their
professional association became the most ruthlessly materialistic lobbying association of
any professional group

And this was the state of affairs in 1966.  Since then, the medical monopoly, pushing its pharmaceutical drugs, has only gotten worse. And, we still hear, "doctors are good people".  Don't let the facade of "good people" distract you from the exploitative systems people support.

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