All Systems Failed


We need to take the same consideration of preventing exploitation that the US Founders had and apply it to the modern world.  And, we need to look at how the US Constitution and the US system has failed at preventing exploitation.  Don't be the common useful idiot that promotes small government or big government or socialism without primarily considering the dynamics of the prevention of exploitation.

In the US, we have exploitative systems that have diverged tremendously from the intents of the US Founders.  On the contrary to the notion that we just need to elect a good person to reform the system, it doesn't matter who is currently using the monopoly for exploitation.  You can completely remove whoever is currently using the government monopoly, and they will just be replaced with another entity or group of entities that use the monopoly for exploitation.  When a system is set up for exploitation, there will always be people who will use the system for exploitation.  Just as there are competitive forces that keep prices down in free markets, in cartels, there are selfish forces that will ensure the continuance of the cartel.

The reality is, every system that has been created has failed to prevent exploitation.  Christianity is an empty shell now directed by globalists.  The US is fraught with monopolies and government overreach.  To improve society, we can't simply go back to one of these failed systems.  We must look at how the systems failed and how to improve them.

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