Power Corrupts – Politicians



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When you have the most powerful army in the world, as the US does, people and organizations seeking power will want to control that army.  There are plenty of people, organizations, and even countries what would like to have control over the most powerful army in the world.  And, the way you get control of the US army is by bribing and blackmailing politicians.  Since direct bribery is often illegal and always looked down upon, the method of bribery is almost always indirect.  Zero interest loans to politicians, contributions to so-called charities like the Clinton Foundation, or even simple low level bribes by lobbyists in the form of dinners and sporting event tickets.  And, as for blackmail, you can speculate that Epstein, had a hand in getting illicit material on politicians and using that material as blackmail to ensure the politicians voted certain ways.

You have to always consider who is behind a politician.  Who is paying the politician?  Because, in reality, politicians become politicians for the bribes.  Just look at any congressman.  Does their accumulated wealth correspond with how much they make as a congressman directly from the federal government, or did their wealth shoot up after they got into congress, from side incomes and investments?

And, in addition, for any politician, there are probably multiple sources of bribes and blackmail, and to understand how a politician acts, you would have to know what these sources are and what they want.

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